The Seth Meiller Foundation, Inc. was established July 13, 2004, as a not-for-profit charitable foundation. The mission of the foundation is to raise funds in support of social and environmental causes that promote conservation, education, and social change.

             On July 28, 2003, SethMeiller’s 24-year journey on this earth came to a tragic end. Seth lived every day of his 24 years to the fullest. He put his heart and soul into everything he did, treating everyone and everything with equal importance. Plans for the Seth Meiller Foundation began soon after his death, primarily in response to, and in recognition of the outpouring of love and generosity from Seth’s relatives and friends. We saw an opportunity to create the SethMeiller Foundation to support causes and organizations that are representative of Seth’s interests. The Seth Meiller Foundation supports four target programs. These include the Life Skills Program at Francis Scott Key Elementary/ Middle School, the Echo Hill Outdoor School (EHOS), the Special Olympics of Baltimore City, and the Kids Grow Environmental Education program. Seth taught in the Moderately Intellectually Limited (MOIL) Students Program (now termed “Life Skills” program) at Francis Scott Key. SMF has supported the program and students in this program since SMF’s inception. Life Skills students participate in an SMF-funded sailing trip onboard the skipjack Sigsbee with the Living Classrooms Foundation in Baltimore, MD each school year. SMF also provides funds for additional field trips and experiences outside the classroom. SMF volunteers attend these trips and enjoy interacting with the students. SMF has also provided funding to enhance technology in the Life Skills classroom and provides a graduation award to each graduating Life Skills student each June.

             By funding each of its targeted programs, SMF achieves its general goal to provide continued support to inner-city children, to special education students, and to programs to raise environmental awareness. SMF seeks to support people and programs that, like Seth, will make the world a better place. To learn more about the Seth Meiller Foundation, please visit the web site: www.sethmeillerfoundation.org


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