The P.R.I.D.E team is committed to furthering the social, emotional and academic growth of each student. We strive to facilitate learning, build self-esteem, and promote successful academic and social experiences in the least restrictive environment. We work with parents, students, community and administrators to provide a positive, supportive and safe environment where growth and learning can be fun.



    We believe that a team approach is the most effective way to facilitate the growth of our students. Our team is made up of academic and mental health professionals, parents and students. We are convinced that parents know and understand their children better than anyone else. This is why parents are important members of our team. We regard their input and participation as critical to their child’s success.



     We provide a range of services in each of the following areas:

    ·         Educational

    ·         Mental Health

    ·         Crisis Intervention

    ·         Behavior Modification

    ·         Substance Abuse Deterrence

    ·         Social Skills Training

    ·         Parent Support and Education

    ·         Guidance Services

    o    Vocational Testing

    o    Transitional planning

    o    Career Education

    o    Service Learning Opportunities

    ·         Assessment Services

    o    Educational

    o    Psychological

    o    Psycho-Social

    ·         Individual Therapy

    ·         Group Therapy

    ·         Family Therapy