School Admission Types

  • Before choosing schools to include on a choice application, make sure you know the requirements and admission process for each school you're interested in attending.

    Academic entrance criteria

    Students who meet the minimum "composite score" are eligible to attend the schools and programs below. Read more.

    Advanced Academics programs at middle schools
    • Cross Country Elementary/Middle School
    • Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School
    • Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School
    • Roland Park Elementary/Middle School
    • Waverly Elementary/Middle School 
    High schools
    • Baltimore City College
    • Baltimore Polytechnic Institute
    • Carver Vocational-Technical High School
    • Edmondson-Westside High School
    • Mergenthaler Vocational-Technical High School
    • Paul Laurence Dunbar High School
    • Western High School (all girls)


    These schools have a specific focus and process for admission. Contact each school for more information.

    • Baltimore Design School: Interest survey (grades 6 to 8); portfolio (grades 9 to 12)
    • Baltimore School for the Arts: Audition (grades 9 to 12)
    • Bard High School Early College: Choice application and interview (grades 9 to 12)
    • Ingenuity Project at Hamilton, Mount Royal, and Roland Park elementary/middle schools and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute: Separate application and testing (see the Ingenuity Project website for more information)
    • National Academy Foundation: Choice application and interview (for grades 9 to 12)
    • P-TECH at Carver, New Era, and Paul Laurence Dunbar high schools: Contact the individual schools for information (grades 9 to 12, plus two additional years to earn an associate's degree)

    School-based lottery

    Some charter schools have their own application process, with a lottery that takes place at the individual school. Contact each school for information about its specific process and application deadline (typically in February).

    • Afya Public Charter School (grades 6 to 8)
    • Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys (grades 4 to 8; all boys)
    • Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (grades 6 to 12; all girls)
    • Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (pre-k to grade 8)
    • City Neighbors High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Coppin Academy (grades 9 to 12)
    • The Crossroads School (grades 6 to 8)
    • Green Street Academy (grades 6 to 12)
    • Lillie May Carroll Jackson School (grades 5 to 8; all girls)

    Choice lottery

    These schools have no specific entrance criteria or admission process. If more students select a school on their choice application than the school can serve, students are selected to attend by lottery. 

    • Academy for College and Career Exploration (grades 6 to 12)
    • Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts (grades 9 to 12)
    • Banneker Blake Academy for Arts and Sciences (grades 6 to 8; all boys)
    • Benjamin Franklin High School at Masonville Cove (grades 9 to 12)
    • Bluford Drew Jemison STEM Academy West (grades 6 to 12; all boys)
    • Booker T. Washington Middle School (grades 6 to 8)
    • ConneXions: A Community Based Arts School (grades 6 to 12)
    • Digital Harbor High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Forest Park High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Frederick Douglass High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Independence School Local I High (grades 9 to 12)
    • NACA Freedom and Democracy Academy II (grades 6 to 12)
    • National Academy Foundation (grades 6 to 8)
    • New Era Academy (grades 9 to 12)
    • Patterson High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • The Reach! Parternship School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Reginald F. Lewis High School (grades 9 to 12)
    • Renaissance Academy (grades 9 to 12)
    • Stadium School (grades 6 to 8)
    • Vanguard Collegiate Middle School (grades 6 to 8)
    • Vivien T. Thomas Medical Arts Academy (grades 9 to 12)


    For students with specific needs — for example, those returning to school after dropping out or those with special needs that can't be met in a general education setting — the district offers alternative placements. Contact the Enrollment, Choice, and Transfers department at 410-396-8600 for information and assistance.