Opportunities to Learn More and Get Involved

  • City Schools' budget is a reflection of the needs and priorities of the thousands of students, families, staff, partners, and stakeholders we serve. That's why active, informed participation in all aspects of budget development — from advocating for the resources our students deserve to giving input to principals about priorities for your school — is not only welcome, but essential.

    Here are ways to learn more about school and district budgets and get involved.

    School funding work sessions

    A group representing traditional schools, charter schools, and the district office is holding work sessions throughout the fall, looking at how schools are funded with the goal of recommending how funding forumlas and processes could be more transparent and easily understood, while ensuring equity across school types. All stakeholders are invited to attend the sessions. More information and meeting schedule here.

    Board budget forums

    The Board of School Commissioners will hold a public forum to gather input on funding priorities in advance of development of the 2019-20 budget, and a second forum to gather input on that budget once it is drafted. More information and schedule for all Board forums for the current school year.

    State funding: Information sessions on recommendations from the Kirwan commission

    The state's Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education (the "Kirwan commission") is charged with making recommendations on what would be needed for Maryland's schools to perform at the level of the world's top education systems and on needed changes to state funding of schools serving students from pre-k to 12th grade. The commission's recommendations are expected to be discussed during the 2019 session of the General Assembly.

    What would a world-class education system look like in Baltimore? What funding formulas would ensure equity for Baltimore's students? With input from stakeholders and advocates and reflecting research-based best practices in urban education, City Schools is drafting its vision for Baltimore's schools under a new state funding formula. Check back for more information throughout fall and winter 2018-19.

    Budgeting at your school

    Board policy requires that principals keep school communities informed about budget development and seek input on budget priorities. Contact your principal to ask about meetings and budget development schedule at your school.