Homework is only 10% of your child's grade. However, it contributes to students' overall understanding of the skills they learned in the classroom. Homework is a chance to practice and reinforce those skills. It helps students do well in the classroom and contributes to their abilities to improve their skill-building activities in class.

    To find your child's homework, click on the link for his/her grade; it will take to you the webpage with the homework for the week. We keep the homework on the  site for 2 weeks, in case anyone needs to "catch up" and have access to the previous week's homework. The posted homework is a backup; all students are given a hard copy by the teacher. But this allows parents to know if and when their children have homework and to print out a copy of it if the child loses their hard copy of the homework.


    Kindergarten Homework

                                                       5th Grade Homework

    1st Grade Homework

                                                       Middle School Homework

    2nd Grade Homework

                                                       English Language Arts Homework

    3rd Grade Homework


    4th Grade Homework