• When reading, writing, speaking, and listening are part of learning in all subject areas, students gain complex knowledge, deep conceptual understanding, and the ability to write well and express themselves powerfully. This is the literacy our students want and deserve in order to access what interests them, and it is what they need for success not only in all school subjects, but in careers and in life.

    To support students in reaching their goals, City Schools is focusing on professional learning for staff:

    • At an initial 20 schools designated as intensive learning sites for literacy, a dedicated literacy coach will serve as an on-site expert on the district’s literacy curriculum to provide direct support to teacher teams.

    • At all schools, the staff member who serves as the literacy representative will receive additional opportunities for professional learning.

    • Teachers at grades 3 to 5, 6, and 9 will receive focused training on best practices in teaching higher order literacy skills across content areas, including both reading and writing.

    As the blueprint work takes hold across the city, expect to see students writing and performing for real audiences, sharing their work with classmates, family members, and the larger community during the school day and at special family literacy nights. They will be surrounded in schools by many different kinds of print and digital texts. In elementary schools, parents will receive resources to encourage reading at home. Literacy-focused events—for example, poetry slams, writing contests, spoken word events, and student “TED talks”—will showcase our students and highlight what they can do.

    Read more about literacy as part of City Schools' blueprint for success link opens PDF document