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  • January 2018William Levy

    William Levy

    School Project Supervisor, Operations

    I am a special project supervisor in the facility department and work on numerous tasks (as assigned by the director and executive director) such as updating the comprehensive maintenance plan, as well as the comprehensive educational facility master plan. Currently, due to retirements, I am working for the assistant director of facility maintenance and operations as an interim area facility manager for Region 1 where I coordinate and schedule inspections for approximately 60 school buildings and oversee daily repairs.

    I graduated from...Franklin and Marshall College with a Bachelors of Arts in American Studies. I have completed graduate work at Johns Hopkins University in the Masters of Administrative Science program and the University of California Davis in Educational Facility Planning.

    I’ve been with City Schools...since February, 2017

    Before I joined City Schools I worked for...the Public School Construction Program State of Maryland as program manager for Baltimore City schools and the 21st-century building program, as well as program manager for the state school maintenance inspection program. Prior to my work in the public sector I was a local builder/developer for 25 years.

    If I could sit down and have a cup of coffee with any of my former would clearly be Dr. David Lever, the former executive director of the Public School Construction Program for the state of Maryland. Dr. Lever had the most comprehensive view with regard to capital investment for our school buildings, as well as a thorough understanding of designing and constructing buildings of all types. Additionally, he was one of the most brilliant individuals on all worldly subjects that I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

    The individual who had the great influence on my adolescent life was my high school lacrosse coach, Lucky Mallonee. Lucky taught me the meaning of working hard to achieve set goals and the reward and pride from perseverance when all when all those around you see failure and defeat.

    Currently my favorite book is...Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City by Antero Pietila. My favorite movie would have to be the first Godfather by Mario Puzo or Avalon by Barry Levinson. My all-time favorite song is Willin’ by Little Feat.

    One thing people may not know about me is...I was a college lacrosse player and I’m currently the assistant varsity lacrosse coach at Edmondson High School. Giving back to the sport I love is one of the most rewarding things in my life. By doing so I’m able to take advantage of the opportunity to influence and change young people's lives while at the same time teaching unforgettable life lessons.

    When growing up I wanted to airplane pilot. I thought it would be great way to see the world. My second choice was to be a professional basketball player, but I thought that opportunity was somewhat limited since I never grew to be more than 5’7.

    The most rewarding thing about my job is that...every day is different and there is never a dull moment. I have the opportunity to work with 80,000 children. Knowing each day that I may influence one of these students in some way that could change the world around us gives me a reason to wake up and come to work each day.

    My favorite example of teamwork is...the movie Hoosiers. It's the story of a tiny Indiana high school basketball team who won the state championship against all odds. Teamwork is essential in my role to achieve our daily goals and ensure our schools open every day.