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  • December 2017Shana McIver

    Shana McIver

    Family and Community Engagement
    I am happy to serve families and school communities as City Schools’ Family Engagement Manager.

    I graduated from…Western Senior High School and Notre Dame of Maryland University.

    I started with City Schools in...1999, when I taught for five years. After that, I explored other jobs in the field, then returned to City Schools in 2010. I fulfilled roles in the School Support Networks for four years, and have held various positions in the Engagement department over the past three years.

    Before I returned to City Schools...I worked at the Afro-American newspaper immediately after college, for two years. I then worked at the Maryland Department of Social Services before beginning my career in education as a second-grade teacher at Beechfield Elementary/Middle School, for five years. It was such a pleasure to learn from some of the most dedicated and passionate educators while teaching and nurturing children in the community where I lived. I continued to work with children, but in early education with Catholic Charities’ Head Start as a teacher and family service coordinator. Immediately before coming back to City Schools to join the network teams, I was a community school coordinator at Diggs Johnson Middle and Guilford Elementary/Middle under the Y in Central Maryland and Strong City Baltimore.

    If I could have a cup of coffee with any of my former teachers or mentors, it would mother, Joyce. While she was not a teacher by trade, she taught me about self-confidence and many other life lessons. She had such a positive impact on the lives of many. As the matriarch of our family and a dedicated community leader, she taught us to have pride in ourselves, to help those in need, and to work hard while always striving to be better. I cherish all that I learned and hope to have the same influence on those I encounter.

    My favorite book is...Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison: Reading this book changed my life.

    One thing that many people may not know about me is...I spent most of my youth in my family’s lounge and jazz club, the Caton Castle in west Baltimore. Because of this, I am a fantastic cook and experienced caterer.

    When I was growing up, I wanted to be...a veterinarian...until I learned I would have to care for snakes and other reptiles.

    The best things about my job are…having the opportunity to create family-school partnerships, helping educators to build trusting relationships with families, and supporting parents to become partners in their children's academic success. I love working with others to lead fun, culturally relevant learning opportunities in our school communities.

    I believe that one of the best ways to engage with families and the community is to…be genuine and transparent, as well as provide opportunities for input around decision making which impacts education.

    My favorite example of community engagement is...from last summer, when we partnered with the Mayor’s Office and several grassroots organizations to host community block parties and literacy events across the city. We were able to reach over 3000+ families across the city. It was an amazing experience and joy to connect with our parents and students.