Student scientists present their work at the fall SABES showcase

  • Student scientists presented their work at the fall SABES showcase. For the first time, students participated in a Children’s Business Fair by selling home-made items like rock puzzles, soap, and pastries. Families also learned about STEM resources. 

    The list of participating student businesses includes:

    • The Greener- Rock Puzzles (Geology)
    • Loose Seeds- Internet Business (Technology)
    • Lemons Galore- Lemonade and Pastries (Simple Syrup and Lemon Battery (Chemistry& STEM))
    • Gracyn's Science Lab- Volcanic Eruption Demonstrations (STEM)
    • Dinkra Stylez- African Inspired Gifts (Polymer Clay)
    • Spread Love: Soaps, Gifts, and More- (Saponification)
    • World School Mosaic- (Robotics & STEM)
    • Zombie Attack Survival Essentials (Z.A.S.E.) Natural Deodorant- (Chemistry and Microbiology)