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  • December 2017Lori Pleeter

    Lori Pleeter

    School Social Worker at John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School

    My responsibilities include working with the general and special education population for counseling or recommending interventions for school or home. I am a Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) coach and I work on building a positive school climate throughout our school, with the incredible staff of teachers, administrators, and stakeholders.
    I am also a middle school/high school choice liaison, where I work with 8th-graders to find the right high school choice for them, and where I teach a resource class entitled “High School Choice." The goal is to introduce students early on (in sixth grade) to the importance of picking the best fitting high school for themselves, and to start looking toward college, and other paths, including career.
    Lastly, we have a bi-monthly food bank and a weekly, weekend backpack program. I supervise a University of Maryland social work student and have been building (with stakeholders) an after-school program that includes clubs, teams, and leadership opportunities.

    I graduated from…the University of Rochester (undergraduate) with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Bachelors of Arts in psychoology. I attended Wurzweiller School of Social Work, Yeshiva University for a Masters in social work.

    I’ve been with City Schools since...1993.

    Before I joined City Schools…I worked in hospital social work at Good Samaritan Hospital.

    If I could have a cup of coffee with any of my former teachers, it would be…Beth Goldsmith. She was my first grade teacher and she always came to school with a smile, a love for what she was doing, and an understanding that each child was his or her own unique person, who she valued and respected. 

    My favorite song Hebrew, and it means “I Believe.” It tells me that only with my complete faith in G-d, am I able to do all that I do and look forward to doing. 

    One thing that many people may not know about me is...that I am a wife and mommy to five children and two grandchildren.

    When I was growing up, I wanted to be...married with children and have a career in a field that involved psychology.

    The best thing I help make the lives of children a little happier by providing more access to after-school activities or food or assisting dysfunctional families seek out and receive the help they need.

    I believe that one of the best ways to help students find their way is…to provide students with information pertinent to making decisions, and to introduce them early on to what their future could look like if they do their best in school now and plan for their future.