All principals and assistant principals

    Increasing student enrollment and verification

    Deadline: October 23

    Today at Citywide you received information regarding the urgent need to identify students who are eligible for funding. This October we need your help to ensure we have the most accurate and complete enrollment numbers. Principals play a major role in the enrollment verification process in addition to assisting students who need immunizations and finding students who were placed in T10 status. During the enrollment verification window which ends on October 23rd, it is imperative that all schools are ensuring all potential excused absences in September and throughout the year are entered according to the rules shared below. In addition to completing this process, the regular enrollment verification needs to occur.                                       

    Submissions must include the following:

    • Completed spreadsheet and student enrollment verification acknowledgement form
    • Corrections made in Infinite Campus (if necessary)
    • Completed “Withdrawal Due Diligence Process” paperwork (if necessary)

    Principals will be held accountable for completion of this process. Mandatory data quality and student enrollment training is available on Blackboard in the “Data Quality app” under the “Administrator Training Apps”.

    For questions, email dataquality@bcps.k12.md.us.


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