• All principals and assistant principals

    Fire drills, bus evacuations, and emergency drill exercises

    Deadlines: Multiple

    School leaders must review the key dates involving drills and emergency exercises, updated district requirements for the annual submission schedule for conducting drills, and the verification of completed drills and emergency exercises.

    By Sunday, October 1, schools must submit the annual schedule for conducting fire drills and emergency drill exercises. (Note the new electronic reporting format, described below.) On or about October 19, schools should observe the Great SouthEast/ShakeOut (Drop, Cover, and Hold On) Drill.

    Every month through the year, schools must schedule no fewer than one fire egress drill and one emergency exercise drill. Each completed drill must be entered each month on the new online School Drill and Emergency Evacuation log.

    By December 20, 2017, schools should ensure the required number of fire drills have been conducted. School buildings that are fully protected by an operational automatic sprinkler system must conduct five drills during the school year; two of the five must be completed by December. School buildings that are not fully protected by an automatic sprinkler system must conduct eight drills during the school year; three of the eight must be completed by December.

    All mandated drills must be completed prior to the last day of school in June.

    For guidance in conducting drill requirements, refer to Section 3 of the Critical Response and School Emergency Management Guide. Please note that all drills must be recorded in the new online log. Paper reporting should not be used.

    For questions, contact Alice Watson, director of the health and safety department, at aawatson@bcps.k12.md.us.

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