• Title I reminders and timelines

    All Title I school principals / Deadline: Multiple

    Principals of Title I schools must review the following requirements for closing out Title I FY17 funding, and preparing for FY18 funding.

    Submission deadlines for closing out FY17 Title I funds (4501.17.00):
    • September 1: Budget amendment for remaining FY17 Title I OTPS funds
    • September 15: Final K12Buy requisitions submissions utilizing remaining FY17 Title I funds
    • November 15: All FY17 Title I funds encumbrances fully paid or schools identify an alternative funding source for the expense
    (Reminder: FY17 Title I funds can only cover services provided through September 30, 2017.)

    Preparing for FY18 Title I funding:
    • Discuss Title I as part of your back-to-school night or annual meeting, and ensure that proper documentation is gathered
    • Identify your school as a “Title I Schoolwide School” or “Title I Targeted Assistance School” on your school’s letterhead, and on all agendas and school communications

    Additional timelines and materials will be provided by your designated Title I point of contact in your initial meeting.
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