• Graceland Park/O'Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School
    Holabird Elementary/Middle School
    Construction Information
    Through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), City Schools will be building two new schools in Baltimore City, separate from the 21st Century School Buildings Program. The schools are: 
    • Information board includes building and site plan (best to print on 11x17 paper) 

    Architectural video about the new schools

    • Watch Video: Graceland Park/O'Donnell Heights and Holabird Elementary/Middle School, 
                  Graceland - aerial view               Holabird - aerial view
    Net Zero Energy (NZE) Information
    Graceland and Holabird are being designed to operate as NZE schools.  This means that over the course of each year, the total amount of energy used by each school will be equal to the amount of energy generated on site from rooftop solar panels.  There are only 15 NZE schools in the country. 
    • General info about NZE Schools from the New Buildings Institute 

    • Energy efficient features include:
      • Ground-source heat pump system that utilizes the constant temperature of the earth to help heat and cool the buildings. 
      • Efficient kitchen equipment and information technology systems. 
      • Daylight that reaches most parts of the building. 
    • To be successful, the schools will need to be used and operated in new ways, so that energy is conserved.   Some features are:
      • An interactive energy dashboard will inform students, staff and visitors about energy generation and use, and will be incorporated into student learning and engagement. 
      • Daylight will be used instead of electric lights whenever possible.  
      • Information technology will minimize electricity use, e.g. laptop carts that automatically turn off when laptops are fully charged). 
      • Small appliances (coffee pots, mini-fridges, etc.) will not be permitted. 
    Additional Information and Resources
    For more information, please direct questions to:
    Joanna Pi-Sunyer, Green Schools Coordinator
    Cynthia Smith, Director, Design and Construction
    Rita Mullally, Principal, Graceland Park/O'Donnell Heights EMS
    Stephanie Novak Pappas, Principal, Holabird EMS