• End-of-year duties for specialized services

    All principals and assistant principals / Deadlines: Multiple

    1) End-of-year checklist
    Deadline: June 5 to June 13
    Educational specialists will contact IEP chairs to schedule time between June 5 and 13 to review the end-of-year checklist. Principals must sign off on the checklist before the school can complete checkout. For questions, contact your assigned educational specialist.
    2) 4th-quarter progress reports
    Deadline: June 13
    End-of-year progress reports must be completed and sent home with students’ 4th-quarter report cards by Tuesday, June 13. In addition, copies of IEP progress reports must be placed in students’ confidential folders. For questions, contact your assigned educational specialist.
    3) Student records for closing/relocating schools only
    Deadline: Ongoing
    After reviewing the OSS closing/relocating schools memo sent to principals and IEP chairs on March 17 and May 3, please ensure that your school has been following the instructions for packing IEP confidential folders and is prepared for the close/move at the end of the year. For questions, contact Darren Guild in the special education department at DMGuild@bcps.k12.md.us.
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