• Transfer of student records

    All principals and assistant principals / Deadline: July 14

    The end-of-year transfer of records for students transitioning from grades 5 to 6 and from grades 8 to 9 will take place from Monday, June 26, to Friday, July 14 at Waverly Elementary/Middle School at 3400 Ellerslie Avenue. Principals should work with records managers to ensure all cumulative folders include the required items (noted in the required elements checklist), and should share the following timeline with administrative staff:
    • Monday, June 26, to Friday, June 30: Schools with grades 5 and/or 8 deliver cumulative records
    • Monday, July 10, to Friday, July 14: Schools receiving grades 6 and/or 9 pick up cumulative records
    This process is only for students currently in grades 5 and 8 who are advancing (and not being retained in grade) next year. Records for students in all other grades who are transferring schools within the district should be sent through interoffice mail. The interoffice mail folder must be prominently labeled “Cumulative Record” and must include the school name and number on the outside.

    For questions, email the Student Records department at studentrecords@bcps.k12.md.us or call Tyra Hudgins at 443-642-3811.
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