Substitute Teaching

  • Questions about substitute teaching can be directed to the Human Capital Office at 410-396-8885 or sent by email.

    Minimum qualifications 

    All Assignments Long-Term Assignments Special Education Assignments
    30 college credits and
    Criminal background check and
    Medical clearance
    Bachelor's degree Degree in special education or
    Maryland certificate in special education or
    Completion of City Schools' training course



    All applicants for substitute teaching positions must begin the hiring process here.


    Attendance at an orientation session is required for all new hires. At this session, prospective substitute teachers will

    • Be fingerprinted for a criminal background check required prior to placement in any school assignment
    • Be photographed for a City Schools ID badge that must be presented on entry to a school
    • Learn about the online system that must be used to accept school assignments

    Prospective substitute teachers are required to bring the following documents to the orientation session:

    • State-issued photo ID
    • Social Security card or passport
    • Fee for fingerprinting ($60.00, with check or money order payable to "L-1 Enrollment")
    • Transcripts (official or unofficial)
    • Two letters of reference
    • Current résumé
    • Maryland teaching certificate, if applicable (more about certification)
    • Voided check (required only for those who wish to enroll in direct deposit of pay)

    Failure to bring the required documents will adversely affect the processing timeline for new employees.

    Pay rates

    Daily pay rates vary, based on the substitute teacher's qualifications and the assignment. Assignments lasting up to 10 days are paid at the short-term daily rate; assignments lasting more than 10 days are eligible for the long-term rate, effective on the 11th day of an assignment in the same classroom.

    Level of Qualification Short-Term Daily Rate Long-Term Daily Rate
    30 college credits or more (without a bachelor's degree) $66 Not eligible
    Associate/nondegree or above (without Maryland certification) $75 Not eligible
    Bachelor's degree or above (without Maryland certification)  $85 $110
    Bachelor's degree or above (with Maryland certification)  $95 $120
    Special education* $150 $150

    * The special education daily rate is received with approval from the Human Capital Office by qualified substitute teachers who work with a special education class of students with disabilities.