• Annual evaluations for BTU employees: Other teacher level and related service providers

    All supervisors of BTU staff / Deadlines: May 1 and May 14

    Annual evaluation forms for BTU employees evaluated with the Performance Based Evaluation System (PBES) are available in Manager Self Service (OPMS). Evaluations are based on employee job title; see a list of BTU job titles and their corresponding evaluation.

    Annual evaluations with an “unsatisfactory” rating must be conducted and shared with the BTU employee by Monday, May 1.

    For the current 2016-17 school year, all other annual evaluations for BTU other teacher level and related service provider employees must be entered by Sunday, May 14.

    The forms below are available for guidance.

    Employee Groups

    Annual Evaluation: Help Guides and Forms

    Electronic Platform

    BTU: Other teacher level and related service providers


    Employees observed with PBES forms


    Help guide for completing and sharing the annual evaluation in OPMS


    Changing the main appraiser in OPMS



    Manager Self Service - Online Performance Management System (OPMS)



    We recommend that leaders complete these tasks on a rolling basis between themselves and other qualified observers in their buildings to allow time to resolve potential technical difficulties and to receive support.

    For questions or additional support, email OPMS@bcps.k12.md.us.
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