• Student Survey on Teacher Practice

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students have the most contact with teachers and they are our ultimate customers. Student surveys on teacher behavior provide information that can inform teacher professional development.

    Who is eligible to take the Student Survey on Teacher Practice?
    Students in grades 3 through 12 may take the survey for a maximum of two teachers. Surveyed teachers must meet the following criteria:

    • Plan instruction AND
    • Deliver instruction AND
    • Assign grades

    How is the Student Survey on Teacher Practice administered?
    The survey is administered online and is available in English and Spanish. Teachers cannot proctor their own surveys. Teachers must switch classes and proctor surveys for each other.

    If my school chooses to implement the Student Survey on Teacher Practice do all teachers in the school need to be surveyed?
    No. Since the survey is optional for SY 2016-17, it is up to the school to determine how many and which teachers will be surveyed. However, if a teacher is chosen to be surveyed as many students as possible should be given the opportunity to take the survey.

    How should teachers interpret their data from the Student Survey on Teacher Practice?
    When teachers view their survey results, they are told to interpret them with caution, given that comparisons between teachers of students at different ages or levels may not be fair. Instead, teachers should focus on their own results, identifying areas of strength and areas of improvement based on scores for each domain.

    When will data from the Student Survey on Teacher Practice become available, and who will have access to it?
    Survey results will be emailed to principals to inform teacher instruction and professional development. The release date of survey results will be confirmed at a later date. Data from the 2016-17 Student Survey on Teacher Practice will not be included in the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation.