• Pest control and clean-up

    All principals and assistant principals

    Schools must follow the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Integrated Pest Management approach to control pests and reduce pesticide risk. This includes the following best practices:
    • Sealing gaps and openings where rodents or other animals may enter buildings
    • Using good sanitation practices for occupied areas such as cafeterias, kitchens, hallways, and classrooms, and also for lockers, garbage cans, grounds, and dumpsters 
    • Using proper plastic or metal storage containers for supplies and food 
    • Eliminating clutter 
    • Placing sticky traps, pheromone traps, or other physical methods to catch pests
    • If a chemical treatment is necessary, using the option with the least potential for human exposure 
    Please note that rodents which enter a building may leave droppings along baseboards, in crevices, or on other surfaces. These must be removed immediately to prevent contamination and allergic reactions. Failure to remove droppings is a code violation.
    Schools having problems with pests or rodents should contact their education building supervisor and enter all concerns in the pest control log book.

    For questions, contact Alice Watson in in the Health and Safety department at AAWatson@bcps.k12.md.us.
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