• Responding to concerns resulting from cold weather

    All principals and assistant principals
    Last week’s cold weather resulted in uncomfortable conditions in many classrooms, and the efforts staff made to continue providing excellent teaching and learning in these challenging circumstances are appreciated.
    In anticipation of more cold weather this winter, school leaders are advised that, if conditions warrant, dress codes should be loosened to allow students to dress appropriately. Please also ensure that staff know to report concerns about conditions in school buildings to school leaders, who, in turn, should contact the district’s Operations Office. Students and family members should also direct concerns to school leaders, who should keep school communities informed about progress in resolving any facilities issues.
    The district office received numerous inquiries from parents, students, and staff members last week regarding conditions at specific schools. The attached letter will be shared next week with the City Schools community by email, social media, and online to provide information on how decisions are made regarding closing individual schools and how to report concerns. Thank you for your support, not only of your school communities but of the district’s work to improve our school buildings and provide the teaching and learning environments our students and staff need and deserve.
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