Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners

  • The PIEL Program at Windsor Hills and Glenmount Elementary/Middle Schools
    City Schools' youngest learners are receiving extra support at school through a new team of teachers and support staff.  The Prevention and Intervention for Early Learners, or PIEL, team provides academic, behavioral, and social and emotional supports to identified pre-k and kindergarten students and training to teachers on interventions they can use in the classroom.
    By providing students with support and services and teachers with tools for their classrooms, the PIEL team's goal is to improve student outcomes and reduce the number of students identified for special education services. In the 2016-17 school year, the PIEL team is working in 33 schools across the district:
    • Armistead Gardens Elementary/Middle School
    • Barclay Elementary/Middle School
    • Belmont Elementary School
    • Callaway Elementary School
    • Cecil Elementary School
    • Commodore John Rodgers Elementary/Middle School
    • Dallas F. Nicholas Sr. Elementary School
    • Dickey Hill Elementary/Middle School
    • Dr. Nathan A. Pitts-Ashburton Elementary/Middle School
    • Eutaw-Marshburn Elementary School
    • Federal Hill Preparatory
    • Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School
    • Franklin Square Elementary/Middle School
    • George Washington Elementary School
    • Glenmount Elementary/Middle School
    • Graceland Park O’Donnell Heights Elementary/Middle School
    • Guilford Elementary/Middle School
    • Harford Heights Elementary School
    • Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School
    • KIPP Harmony Academy
    • Liberty Elementary School
    • Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School
    • Mary E. Rodman Elementary School
    • Medfield Heights Elementary School
    • Moravia Park Elementary School
    • Morrell Park Elementary/Middle School
    • Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School
    • Rosemont Elementary/Middle School
    • Sinclair Lane Elementary/Middle School
    • Thomas Jefferson Elementary/Middle School
    • Violetville Elementary/Middle School
    • Waverly Elementary/Middle School
    • Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School

    Key Staff

    • Beverly Decker-Brown, Supervisor Speech and Language Services (email)
    • Rivka I. Olley, Ph.D., Supervisor Psychological Services (email