• Mid-year performance review for BTU employees

    All leaders / Deadline: January 17

    Mid-year performance reviews for BTU employees must be completed by Tuesday, January 17. The forms and related evaluation tasks for BTU employees are based on job title and generate automatically in the Online Performance Management System.

    Similar to last year, only the PBES mid-year performance review form for related service providers and other teacher-level BTU employees will be available in OPMS.

    Employee Groups

    Mid-year Performance Review:

    Help Guides and Forms

    Evaluator Next Steps

    BTU – Other teacher level and related service providers


    Employees observed with PBES forms


    Help guide for completing and sharing the mid-year Performance Review in OPMS


    Evaluator uploads and shares feedback via PBES form in Online Performance Management System (OPMS)


    Classroom teachers

    To access Word or PDF versions of the form, go to the Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation website.


    Evaluator provides signed and dated copy of mid-year performance review to teacher; forms can be scanned and attached to the 2nd formal observation in OPMS for record-keeping


    Leaders are encouraged to complete tasks on a rolling basis with qualified observers to allow time for support in case of technical difficulty or questions.

    The electronic system will remain open for one week after the deadline. After January 24, electronic PBES mid-year forms for related service providers and other teacher-level BTU employees will no longer be available.

    For questions, email OPMS@bcps.k12.md.us.
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