• Assessment reminders

    All principals

    Please review and share this assessment guidance. Additional information for required assessments for all grades, including PARCC and HSA, can be found on City Schools Inside.

    Please note the October 31 to November 4 administration window for middle and high school grades:

    Grades 6 through 8
    Literacy Design Collaborative tasks
       • ELA (Data Link)

    Grades 9 through 12
    Middle-of-course assessments for semester-long courses
       • ELA
          o English I through IV (Data Link)
       • Health
          o Health I (Data Link)
       • Math
          o Algebra I (Agile Assessment)
          o Algebra II (Agile Assessment)
          o Geometry (Agile Assessment)
          o Intensified Algebra I (Data Link)
          o Pre-Calculus (Data Link)
          o Probability and Statistics (Data Link)
          o College Readiness – Math (Data Link)
        • Science
          o Biology (Data Link)
          o Chemistry (Data Link)
          o Environmental Science (Data Link)
          o Physics (Data Link)
          o Physics First (Data Link)
       • Social Studies
          o American Government (Data Link)
          o Modern World History (Data Link)
          o U.S. History (Data Link)
       • World Languages
          o French I
          o French II (Data Link)
          o Spanish I
          o Spanish II (Data Link)

    Literacy Design Collaborative tasks for semester- and year-long courses
       • ELA
          o English I through English IV (Data Link)

    For questions, email the assessment team at Assessments@bcps.k12.md.us in the Academics Office.