• Assessment guidance

    All principals and assistant principals

    The assessment guidance document includes information about implementing Reading 3D, i-Ready, ACCUPLACER, and MOC/EOC courses for science and social studies. It also includes guidance for:

    1) Assessments for middle and high school choice
    2) Accommodations for formative assessments
    3) Assessment resources

    Please note that the following assessment windows have been extended:



    Original Window

    Extended Window


    Early Learning Assessments (ELAs)

    August 29 – September 30

    August 29 – October 14


    i-Ready for Middle and HS Choice


    September 6 – 28

    September 6 – October 14


    ACCUPLACER Diagnostics

    September 19 – October 7

    September 19 – October 14

     *Reminder, this year the choice process will use either i-Ready or PARCC scores, whichever are higher, to calculate composite scores. Going forward, middle and high school composite scores will be based solely on PARCC.

    For questions, contact Rachel Haynes at rfhaynes@bcps.k12.md.us in the Teaching and Learning department.