• Printing Campus Portal activation letters (updated)

    All principals and assistant principals

    Campus Portal, the online student information system that replaces Parent Portal, will be available to parents and guardians on September 19. For parents and guardians to activate their account, schools must print customized letters with individual activation keys. These letters must be sent home with every student.

    Follow these instructions to generate the letters:
    1. Log in to Infinite Campus.
    2. Go to “BCPS Custom Reports.” 
    3. Select “Student.” 
    4. Select “Campus Portal Activation Letter” from the dropdown. 
    5. Select one of the following parameters for printing letters: Grade, Homeroom, Student Number, or Distribution Period.
    6. Select a language preference. 
    7. Select “Grade Level” from the dropdown. 
    8. Select the “Generate Report” button. 
    9. Print and distribute the letters for students to take home. Each letter will be addressed to a parent or guardian and will include a student’s name and 32-digit “Activation Key.” 
    Once parents and guardians have activated their account, they will be able to access student information via www.baltimorecityschools.org/campus (after September 19). This page will also contain help videos and FAQs. (Note: Student access to Campus Portal will be available on September 26.)

    For questions or more information, review the Infinite Campus training resources on TSS or contact the One Call center at 443-984-2000.