• Enrollment-based budget adjustments for 2016-17: Information and reminders 

    All principals / Deadline: September 30
    To align the district’s funding criteria with those of the Maryland State Department of Education, school year budgets for 2016-17 will provide funding for students who are present for at least one day between September 19 and September 30. This is a change from previous years, when students needed to attend one day in September to be eligible for funding. Please note that this does not nullify any of the other funding eligibility requirements—which, for example, do not provide funds for pre-k students or those over the age of 21.
    Please note that students who are out of compliance with immunization requirements are also not eligible for funding. Schools with students who are funding eligible but for whom immunization documentation has not been received and entered into Infinite Campus by September 30 will not receive funding for those students for 2016-17.
    Principals are strongly urged to ensure that all students have all required immunizations and that Infinite Campus has been updated to reflect immunization status. Families with students who may be out of compliance are receiving automated phone calls from the district office regarding immunization requirements. Please reinforce this message at the school level.
    More information regarding immunization requirements and support is provided in this week’s Leadership Action Update.
    If you have any questions, contact your ILED or your school’s budget analyst.