• Employee evaluation resources in TSS 

    All leaders / Deadline: September 30
    The employee evaluation overview information on TSS has been updated for SY 2016-17. These resources are to help principals discuss evaluations, support, and feedback with their staff during the first week of school, at their first staff meeting, or during other collaborative time.

    School leaders will have access to a PowerPoint presentation, annotated agenda with key talking points, and other resources. There are activities to encourage staff engagement and opportunities for school leaders to go more in depth about their approach and expectations related to observations and professional expectations.

    To access these resources:
    1. Log into TSS 
    2. Click on Professional Development at the top of the screen 
    3. Click on the Teacher Evaluations icon 

    As a reminder, supervisors must conduct a staff review of evaluations with BTU staff members by September 30 as part of PBES. Information about BTU employee evaluations is available on CSI and Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation and webpages will be updated to reflect SY 2016-17- specific information as it is available.