• Scheduling update 

    All principals / Deadline: Immediate

    This is a reminder to all schools that every student must have a full schedule aligned towards graduation. If your school needs assistance with scheduling, the last Master Schedule Consulting Lab is on August 19 at the PDC. Current district-level reporting is based on a minimum of six scheduled classes, but every school is different and may need to run an individual scheduling report to ensure all students are completely scheduled. Here are directions for running scheduling reports and interpreting the reports.

    Schools should also be developing a plan for schedule distribution on the first day so that students do not miss any instructional time in addition to how students can request schedule changes. It is not acceptable to have large numbers of students sitting in an auditorium or cafeteria waiting for their schedule (or for their schedule to be changed). Students should be in class starting on day one. Please contact your ILED if you have any questions or concerns relating to the first day preparation.