• Systemic Professional Development update

    All school-based staff / Deadline: August 23

    Systemic Professional Development opportunities are now available in the Professional Growth System. School leaders should instruct teachers and school-based staff to review and register for PD opportunities. It is highly recommended that registration for systemic PD be communicated before or during the first day of school staff orientation session. Registration will close at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23.

    As a reminder, below is additional information regarding August professional development days (originally shared in the August 4 Leadership Action Update).

    The chart below outlines school-based and systemic professional development taking place August 23-26. Please use this information when planning and finalizing your school-based activities. Schools will coordinate and offer appropriate professional learning at the school site on the three professional learning days that are not designated as systemic professional learning days.

    During the school-based professional learning days, schools must facilitate a 2-hour training session for staff around Infinite Campus. In addition, schools must provide the equivalent of a full day of classroom preparation time per the BTU collective bargaining agreement.

    As a reminder, please complete the attached August School Based Professional Learning Plan and submit it to your ILED by August 18.

    School-based Professional Development day

    August 23  

    School-based Professional Development day

    ·         High school health teachers will be required to attend off-site professional development on August 24; this is day 1 of a 2-day session.

    ·         Related services providers will be required to attend off-site training

    ·         Life Skills & PAL program staff will be required to attend off-site training

    ·         Optional professional development opportunities will be available; staff can register in PGS

    August 24

    Systemic Professional Development day

    • Site-based content specific modules for mathematics and English/language arts; additional information will be communicated at the CEO Institute.
    • Content specific off-site training will be offered; teachers and school-based staff should review information in PGS to determine which sessions to attend. Registration closes at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, August 23. Teachers who are unable to register because they do not have an employee ID number, or because they missed the registration deadline, should plan to arrive early to register on-site.

    August 25

    School-based Professional Development day

    August 26

     Click here to see a full list of professional development opportunities!