• School Sustainability Ambassador

    In June 2016 the Board of School Commissioners passed Policy ADG - Sustainability, which sets broad goals in the areas of sustainability, greening, and environmental education.  Administrative Regulation ADG-RA requires that each school designate a Sustainability Ambassador who will coordinate sustainability efforts at each school, specifically, recycling and energy conservation.

    The responsibilities of the Sustainability Ambassador are as follows:  

    • Serve as the coordinator for sustainability, greening, and environmental initiatives at your school.

    • Complete a School Sustainability Plan (using the provided template) by November 15, 2018 that addresses how your school will institute recycling, conserve energy, and use green cleaning products and practices.  The plan may also address how your school will participate in other greening activities such as gardening, water conservation, transportation, healthy school environment, etc.  

    • Complete a short survey regarding your work in June 2018. 

    • See this presentation from information sessions held in September and October 2017.  
    NOTE: Charter schools may, but are not required to, designate a Sustainability Ambassador.  However, charter schools must recycle, and charter schools in buildings owned by City Schools must also conserve energy.  
    For more information, contact Joanna Pi-Sunyer, Green Schools Coordinator.