Meal Programs

  • Breakfast


    Free breakfast is offered every school day. There are several breakfast styles that City Schools offer to assure that each and every student has an opportunity to have breakfast every morning. Traditional, Grab and Go, and Classroom Breakfast. To see what alternative breakfast styles that are offered at your school of choice please contact school's cafeteria manager. 

    Breakfast Menu


    Lunch consists of five menu components. In schools that offer vs. serve, a child may choose to decline two of these five, but are required to take a fresh fruit .The five menu components always include: meat or meat alternate, fruits, vegetables, grains or bread, and choice of 1% milk or skim milk in flavored or unflavored. Please review the menu link bellow for daily lunch options.

    Lunch Menu 

    Afterschool Snack and Supper Program

    Providing afterschool snack and/or supper to students is one way that we encourage students to take part in afterschool programs. Snack and/or Supper are provided at no cost to students participating in supervised after-school activities.

    Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 

    The Fresh fruit and Vegetable Program provides children in elementary school a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the school day. The goal of the FFVP is to provide healthier food choices, expand the variety of fruits and vegetables students experience and increase consumption to impact children’s health.

    For more information and answers to frequently asked questions please contact Cynthia Shea at


    Information for Staff 

    Menus, accountability records, and program operation manual can be found on City Schools Inside.
    Schools interested in offering snack during an after-school program should visit City Schools Inside for more information.