How Will You Formalize a New Partnership?

  • Creating Written Agreements

    ALL partner commitments must be formalized with a written agreement between the partner organization and the CEO of Baltimore City Public Schools. There are three primary types of agreement documents used by City Schools: 

    Types of Agreements  

    Written agreements usually discuss the roles and responsibilities of the school and partner organization, as well as the following clauses that only apply in some cases:

    • Financial terms for program fees
    • Dates, times, and fees for use of space
    • Data sharing terms and conditions
    • Background checks for volunteers and program staff
    • Liability and insurance  

    The type of agreement documents is determined by the type of transaction or activity, not by the type of partner or organization, so it is possible for an organization to have multiple agreements with your school. Click below to download templates for these documents.


    Learn more about how to submit an MOU here. Note that per Board Policy DJA and Regulation DJA-RA, the CEO of City Schools is the ONLY approved signer for binding agreements. Principals are not permitted to sign binding agreements on behalf of the CEO. Your school contact is responsible for submitting the appropriate paperwork through Central Office. Please do not contact the City Schools CEO yourself. This process can take time and does require patience. Starting the process well in advance of your planned start date is important.

    Completing an Application for Space Usage

    Partners who need to use school facility space outside of the school's operating hours will need to complete a space and use application and abide by the associated City Schools policies. Per Board Policy FKA and Regulation FKA-RA, school facilities can be used by outside organizations for “educational, civic, social, religious, and recreational activities” that meet the following guidelines:

    Activities on school grounds CANNOT:

    • Generate a profit, unless it is a fundraiser for charitable purposes;
    • Involve the sale or consumption of alcohol or tobacco, or gambling activities;
    • Be related to political campaigns, including rallies, fundraisers, debates, or meetings, other than for instructional purposes;
    • Be privately hosted parties or celebrations;
    • Interfere with instructional time or space during school hours; or
    • Utilize custodians or other City Schools employees as supervisory staff, even though they must legally be present.

    NOTE: This list is not exhaustive. Regulation FKA-RA outlines additional specifications for space usage.

    Authorized users must have a Certificate of Liability Insurance on file and have a space and use agreement in place before the event. See the link below for the space and use application.  

    Fees may apply for some types of space usage. See the link below for a table of fees, as per policy FKA.


    Planning for Implementation with Your Partner School

    Whenever a new program begins, there are always logistics to work out. It is important to agree on these details with your school partner before implementation starts. Think about the following questions, and use them to guide your early discussions with the school:
    • When will the program or services take place?
    • Will you need to utilize space within the school building?
    • Who are the points of contact for the school?
    • How will both parties know that the partnership has been successful?
    This planning worksheet can be completed during these initial conversations with your partner. Be sure to ask for a copy and have the school save the original, as the back can be used for assessing progress throughout the year. Consider keeping a binder of all planning worksheets for the schools with which you are partnering so that you have them in one place.
    The Partnerships Toolkit is a product of the Engagement Office. If you have additional questions, you can contact or call (443) 984-2000. You will reach the City Schools Call Center, so ask to be connected to the Engagement Office.