Have You Met All of the City Schools Requirements?

  • Liability Insurance

    City Schools requires certain partners using school facilities to submit proof of liability insurance as a protection for the people within City Schools buildings. However, knowing whether or not your organization needs liability insurance to operate within your building can be tricky. Per policy FKA and regulation FKA-RA, partners must provide the district with a Certificate of Liability only if they meet the following criteria:
    • Using school facilities before or after normal school hours AND/OR
    • Using exclusive space within the facility during the school day
    This certificate of insurance must be in an amount of at least $1,000,000.00 and name “the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners for the Baltimore City Public School System (Board) and the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore” as additional insureds.

    For more information on this requirement, contact the Real Estate and Permits Office.

    Volunteer Background Checks

    Per Board Policy KCB and Regulation KCB-RA, it is the responsibility of partner organizations to communicate with schools about the background checks of their volunteers. Schools must ensure that ALL volunteers have been checked in the Maryland state sex offender registry. The school’s Partnership Liaison or Volunteer Coordinator must check the registry for the names of ANY volunteers, as a listed sex offender cannot volunteer in a school.

    After checking the state registry, schools must determine whether or not new partners and volunteers need to get a background check. If a volunteer does need a background check, the school must request a background check through the Office of Human Capital's online form. There will be no cost to the volunteer, but he or she must bring a copy of the request to the fingerprinting appointment. The volunteer will receive a BCPS photo identification badge once approved. 

    NOTE: Even if an outside organization has already had their volunteers do a background check, another one must be done through City Schools.  

    The chart below (from KCB-RA) provides helpful guidance as to whether or not a new volunteer will require a background check. 

    Type of Volunteer


    Sample Activities

    Sex Offender Registry?

    Background Check Required?


    School staff always present

    Volunteer never alone with students

    Guest speaker or reader, competition judge and chaperone (educational day trip, supervised by teacher)

    School checks prior to volunteer’s service

    No, except if supervised volunteer is in the school on a “frequent” basis.

    “Frequent” is specifically defined as in the school four times within a four week period.

    Indirectly Supervised

    School staff may or may not be present

    Possibility volunteer is alone with students

    Frequent volunteer, even if supervised

    Mentor, tutor and chaperone (overnight, foreign travel)

    School checks prior to volunteer’s service

    Yes, school sends volunteer to Office of Human Capital

    No-Student Contact

    School staff may or may not be present

    Students are not present

    Saturday clean-up at school, administrative work during non-school hours and district office activities

    School checks prior to volunteer’s service

















    The Partnerships Toolkit is a product of the Engagement Office. If you have additional questions, you can contact engagement@bcps.k12.md.us or call (443) 984-2000. You will reach the City Schools Call Center, so ask to be connected to the Engagement Office.