• How Will You Welcome and Train Your New Partner?  

    Providing an Orientation 

    Once a partnership has been formalized through a written agreement and planning process, it is important to help them feel that they are part of the school community.

    • Take them around the school and introduce them to the staff and students.
    • Share the school handbook and calendar so that they understand the policies, procedures, and routines of the school and are aware of events and other programs within the school.  
    • Show them where their office will be (if applicable) or where they can access resources such as a copy machine, paper cutter, and extra supplies.

    A school’s key partner is often like an additional employee or set of employees. Think of how you welcome a new teacher to your school and extend the same courtesies to your new partner.

    Announcing Partnership to School Stakeholders

    Just as you would want to share your school’s information with your partner, you should also share your partner’s information with your school community. The start of a new partnership is exciting, and you should share this news with your school. Whether you announce it on social media, on the school website, or in the newsletter, let families, staff, and students know about the new organization or individual who will be supporting them. The partner will appreciate it as well!

    The Partnerships Toolkit is a product of the Engagement Office. If you have additional questions, you can contact engagement@bcps.k12.md.us or call (443) 984-2000. You will reach the City Schools Call Center, so ask to be connected to the Engagement Office.