• Teach to Lead – Ignite Program Information Session

    City Schools is excited to announce a partnership with Teach To Lead – a national leadership development organization for school leaders who feel called to lead authentically and inclusively.  With a focused practice in educational leadership, Teach To Lead uniquely addresses the school leader’s entire being as they nurture new habits and skills.  As a result, they are better prepared to drive and sustain their own growth; implement strategic plans; inspire high achievement and passion amongst the teams they lead; and utilize diversity as a source for innovation and cultural renewal within their school. 

    Teach To Lead’s flagship service is the Ignite program, an individualized school leadership development program created specifically for principals in traditionally underserved communities. Ignite in Baltimore is a 3-year, one-to-one coaching investment in school leaders to transform key educational outcomes for students and positively impact the culture of our schools.   In addition to the 3-year coaching, Teach to Lead will continue to develop and reflect with school leaders throughout 2 additional “capstone years” in the program.

    Throughout their experience, Teach To Lead has found its niche in the development of novice principals, those with at least 1 full year of experience through 4 years of experience. Additionally, they have found their greatest success working with principals of Tier 2 schools.

    If you are a principal with 1 – 4 years of experience in a middle tier school – we would like to invite you to an Information Session with Teach to Lead and its central office partners in leadership development and academics. This opportunity is only going to be offered to a very small, select group of 3 - 5 schools as part of an initial pilot. Applications for this program will be made available at the information sessions.

    Information Session details are provided below:

    June 28, 2016
    3 -5 p.m.
    The Baltimore Community Foundation
    2 East Read St.
    Baltimore, MD 21202

    This vendor is currently developing a Leadership Unit (LU) application aligned to this opportunity.

    If you have questions in advance, please contact Kasey Mengel, Manager – District and School Leader Support and Development at KMengel@bcps.k12.md.us or Dawn Shirey, Sr. Instructional Leadership Executive Director (ILED) – Elementary at DShirey@bcps.k12.md.us