• Mentor Selection for the 2016-2017 School year

    All Principals | Deadline: June 13 

    In order to ensure new teachers are supported by a peer mentor in the 2016-17SY, all principals must complete  this online form identifying their school’s mentor(s) for all teachers who are non-tenured in their first through third years by Monday, June 13. 

    Highly qualified mentors should meet the following qualifications:
    • Member of BTU, not to participate in any formal evaluation of a mentee
    • Tenured teacher in Baltimore City Public Schools
    • Hold at least a Standard Professional Certificate (Advanced Professional Certificate preferred)
    • Have at least five (5) years of satisfactory teaching experience
    • Member of the Instructional Leadership Team (Highly recommended) 

    New this year

    Mentors must also: 

    • Attend and participate in all professional learning and support activities facilitated by New Teacher Center (NTC) which includes: Summer Mentor Academy (July), three 2-day sessions throughout the year, and four 3-hour after school forums, and ongoing support during the school year. 

    For questions, please email Shanna Warburton-Barnes in the Office of Teacher Support and Development.