Other Operator Schools

  • Operator Schools are run under contracts or charters by "operators" outside the traditional district management structure. Scroll down for more information about each of the different types of schools within this category (charter schools are also operator schools; find out more about charter schools).

    As part of its commitment to ensuring school effectiveness, schools with outside operators are periodically evaluated with respect to student academic performance, climate, and management and governance. These regularly scheduled evaluations are used to inform decisions on whether to renew operators' contracts.

    For more information about schools with outside operators, please contact the New Initiatives department in the Chief Executive Office.

    New School Initiative schools

    Before the charter law was passed by the Maryland legislature, Baltimore City embarked on an innovative program to open small schools that would have autonomy in hiring, finance and instructional focus and practice, with an increased level of accountability. Most of the schools started under this initiative have converted to charter status, but New Song Academy continues as a New School Initiative school.

    Transformation schools

    Transformation schools represent a change in secondary education in Baltimore. These schools are operated by independent education entities, and each has a specific theme and a unique curriculum that focuses on college, career or alternative programming.

    Current transformation schools are listed at right; except where noted, these schools serve both middle and high school grades and admit students through the school choice process.

    Contract schools

    Elmer A. Henderson: A Johns Hopkins Partnership School is run under contract with the Johns Hopkins University. The school uses a lottery process for admission, with preference to families in the East Baltimore community.

    Bard High School Early College is run under contract with  Bard College, and has a separate application process for admission.
    In addition, two separate public days schools, Lois T. Murray Elementary/Middle School and Joseph C. Briscoe Academy (formerly New Hope Academy), are operated under contract.