Office of Special Education-Department of Multiple Pathways

  • The Department of Multiple Pathways’ Alternative Options Programs (AOP) serves students who have previously dropped out or those on the low end of the engagement spectrum (i.e. few credits, significant attendance challenges) by providing them an opportunity to engage in the learning environment through multiple pathways. The pathways are designed to assist students in earning their high school diploma or equivalent by identifying their specific academic and social-emotional needs and matching them with targeted supports. Re-engagement students in class

    The Re-Engagement Center: is a comprehensive intake and placement center that incorporates academic and social assessments which lead to an appropriate educational placement where the student can be successful. Immediate social service supports for student and family are also available based upon individual need.

    Accelerated Academic Programsare Baltimore City Public Schools’ secondary campuses that serve over-aged (students who are two or more years above their designated age/grade placement) and undercredited students by providing them with an opportunity to recover credits at an accelerated rate. Wrap-around supports are incorporated into the traditional school day.

    Integrated Academic Program: provides students who are currently enrolled in selected Baltimore City Public Schools’ High Schools an opportunity to engage in dropout prevention academic programming. The Integrated Academic Program centers on students receiving a High School Diploma and college preparation and career readiness skills.

    Extension Academic Program: designed for students who are several months from aging out and will not have earned the required credits towards completion of secondary studies. This program supports students in obtaining their GED and provides job development/readiness and placement opportunites with the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development at the YO Academy. 

    Behavioral Intervention Centers: focuses on students who have been suspended for violations of Baltimore City Public Schools’ Code of Conduct and also serves as an Alternative Educational Setting (AES) for elementary, middle, and high schools students who are receiving special education services while on suspension.