• Is Outward Bound Safe?
    YES. Outward Bound has been Instructing expeditions for over 25 years in the Mid‐Atlantic and since 1941 in the United States. We are a network of schools that annually run safety audits and reviews. We are certified by our national safety department which is internationally renowned in Wilderness Risk Management and Safety. Every Instructor must be Wilderness First Responder Medically certified, Student Management Skills I‐IV trained, Multi‐culturally competent, and trained in Instructor Judgment I‐III. Besides knowing how to respond in the case of an emergency we know how to prevent emergencies from occurring.
    Why Outward Bound instead of other similar programs?
    Simply put, Outward Bound is the ORIGINAL experientially‐based Character Development program. Our program and its educational components were born out of the necessity to prepare young people for the challenges of life, without which one would face dire consequences. Today’s world parallels this reality in many ways. Outward Bound training translates into more capable and resilient young people who have a solid foundation of experience that they have been guided through by the most well trained adults. When students face and overcome the challenges inherent on an Outward Bound course they are then unable to settle for less than their best self.
    Will the students have cell phones?
    NO. The students will be in the next best environment to their family or school. They will have two (or more) supportive and responsible adults as well as a peer group. Each student will be a supportive member of a team, some days a leader, some days a navigator or cook, but every day they will be growing. We believe that ‘no news is good news’ because that means the students are immersed in their surroundings and with the task at hand. They are growing and learning through experience – which is a priceless opportunity.
    Will I be able to contact the crew in the case of an emergency?
    YES. Outward Bound has an emergency phone line that is on 24 hours a day. You will receive this number and are encouraged to call when you need to.
    What will my students be learning & doing?
    Outward Bound’s Educational Framework uses challenge and adventure to allow people to learn through experience. A supportive environment of peers and instructors make it ok to try new things, speak your mind, to listen, and to be heard – all elements of today’s most successful leaders. We value compassion, integrity, excellence in craft, inclusion, and diversity and teach on these topics. Your child will return after having practiced the skills of a leader and they will know their strengths and growth areas.
    Why does it take 5 days to build leadership and self‐confidence?
    Like any great art, Leadership must be practiced. The more practice the better the performance. We have longer expeditions if you are interested!
    How can I help prepare the students and their families?
    Be excited for them! They have an amazing opportunity ahead of them. Outward Bound is amazing on college applications and resumes because it is generally understood that it takes a very strong person to complete an expedition. They CAN do this course and WILL be successful. Please speak to your childs' advisor or call Outward Bound Baltimore if you have any pressing questions.