• Individual Development Plans (IDP)

    REMINDER: The IDP is a road map that describes the knowledge, skills/behaviors, attitudes and/or interests that an employee wishes to develop to improve job performance.  It includes specific goals, enabling activities, time frames and outcomes.

    In City Schools, we recognize our responsibility to provide the students of Baltimore City with a high quality education that prepares them for success in college and their careers. The development and support of those who work with our students is a critical component to meeting this responsibility.  

    All employees should develop an IDP for the upcoming school year, and come prepared to discuss with their supervisor during their Initial Planning Conference. For BTU employees, the Initial Planning Conference deadline is October 15th. For all other employees- including the PSASA 1st Conference - the Initial Planning Conference is October 31st. If any deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, it moves to the next work day. Please refer to the union-specific forms and resources on the left-hand side of the screen.

    We encourage you to review the following for more information:
    Employee Help Guideand Supervisor Help Guide 

    Performance Management Cycle


    The Individual Development Plans (IDP): Defined

    From the Performance Based Evaluation System (PBES) Guidebook (revised 2003), pp 19-22: The Chief Executive Officer, following the Maryland State Department of Education mandate as defined in COMAR 13A.12.05, requires that all certificated employees develop a yearly Individual Development Plan.

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    The IDP is a personalized tool for facilitating the professional growth and development of certificated employees in the Baltimore City Public School System.
    The IDP should be used to address areas in need of improvement if a [employee’s] performance in any Performance-Based Evaluation System domain is weak or marginal.
    The IDP should be flexible and responsive to the ongoing growth requirements of the employee.
    The IDP is a focused, achievable plan designed by the employee with input from the supervisor as appropriate.  The IDP describes the employee’s professional growth and development.  It is a requirement for renewing a certificate or advancing to another certificate for certificated employees.
    The IDP is cumulative and transferable to new worksites.
    The IDP can address the coursework needed to satisfy requirements for certificate renewal.
    The IDP should not be used as a resume or a recollection of disparate workshops and activities.