School Leader Professional Development & Support

  • When you become a school leader in City Schools, you join a community of professionals dedicated to ensuring that all Baltimore City students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for a successful future. And for school leaders to be successful, they need to be supported and have opportunities to chart their own career path. City Schools offers many different programs to accomplish this.

    Professional development

    Throughout the year, principals in City Schools have opportunities to learn, collaborate, and develop skills they need to be successful leaders. In addition to monthly principal meetings, some recent professional development offerings include:
    Leadership Talent Development Initiative: Over four sessions, principals learn best practices in talent management so that they can effectively identify, retain, and develop leadership among talented staff in their schools.
    Growing Great Leaders Principal Community of Practice: In monthly sessions, principals learn effective coaching, mentoring, and management strategies to develop teacher leaders in their schools.

    Career Pathways

    A system of career pathways in City Schools encourages school leaders to advance their careers, at their own pace, through four levels of achievement and development: standard, professional, transformational and distinguished. Each pathway builds upon each other designed to improve school leadership effectiveness.

    Complement this with an attractive salary and benefits package and the lively cultural life and diverse neighborhoods of Baltimore, City Schools may be the opportunity you've been looking for.