Future Assistant Principals

  • City Schools is working to pre-qualify a robust group of future assistant principals to lead in our schools and to support principals. Sustained recruitment and development of these future administrators support our focus on leadership and its contributions to the success of every one of our students.

    All candidates (both internal and external) who wish to be considered for a future assistant principal opportunity must first be deemed eligible by the Human Capital Office through a series of comprehensive, rigorous activities to ensure they embody the disposition, character, and experience necessary to support whole students academically in extraordinary ways. Interested educators can initiate consideration for pre-qualification by completing an application online. Candidates have a minimum of three years of leadership or supervisory experience and hold a valid Maryland State Department of Education certificate with an Administrator I endorsement.

    Candidates who meet these minimum criteria may be invited to other selection activities, including one of the two assistant principal "assessment centers" conducted annually. The remaining date for the 2018-19 school year is Friday, March 29. (An earlier assessment center took place on November 14.) Only candidates who are pre-qualified on this timeline through these processes will be eligible to be hired for assistant principal roles as they become available.