• Guidelines for Third Parties Interested in Airing Content on Education Channel 77

    In an effort to ensure fair and consistent standards and protocols for airing video content from external partners, City Schools provides the following guidelines for content submission and review. For questions or further information about submitting content for consideration, please email Channel 77 staff.

    • Program content should have educational value that supports academic achievement, teaching and learning, professional development of staff, and/or support for students and families, as outlined in City Schools’ mission, vision, goals, and priorities.

    • Program content cannot directly advertise products or services sold by the program producer, partner, or any third party. Program content cannot include a “sales pitch” or any other directive to purchase or learn about purchasing a product or service.

    • Program content cannot provide an indirect financial benefit to the producer, partner, or third party by passively marketing the producer/partner’s for-sale products or services, unless a specific exception is made by the CEO due to the nature or value of the program content.

    • Program content should highlight, or contribute to, the achievement and accomplishments of students and staff, and/or the variety of services and programs offered by schools, school-community partners, and/or donors. 

    • Programs should showcase children and youth in a positive way.  Any program that showcases youth in risky, questionable or illegal activities must also examine the negative outcomes and/or consequences of such activities.

    • Programs should celebrate and respect the diversity of the communities and students served by Baltimore City Public Schools.

    • Program producers must confirm that they own the program content and have the right to enter into an agreement with City Schools to air that content on Education Channel 77 and/or City Schools web and social media platforms. Programs cannot include any copyrighted material of any kind (music, text, visual images, etc.) not owned by the program producer, unless specific releases are provided that allow City Schools to air that material. In all cases, copyrighted material must be appropriately credited to the copyright holder.

    • Program content must be of high standard and cannot include vulgarities, obscenities, violence, discriminatory comments, or depictions of drug or alcohol consumption (unless such depictions are intended to discourage substance abuse).

    • City Schools reserves the right to require program content to be edited prior to it being accepted for airing; in this case, City Schools staff will provide specific direction about editing, which may include changes to improve audio or video quality, co-branding with City Schools logo or contact information, or changes to avoid prohibited content described above.

    • All student-produced programming (including content created by students in conjunction with outside partners) will be reviewed by Communications department staff prior to posting, to ensure it meets both quality standards and the content standards noted above. If changes are required, Communications staff will offer their expertise to guide students in improving the program content and production values.

    Basic production standards for all content

    • Video output is to be well lit, maintain proper video and audio levels, and not require editing by City Schools staff. (City Schools reserves the right to return video for editing to its producers, if acceptable quality standards are not reached.)

    • High-definition video is preferred, but standard definition video will be considered.

    • A tripod should be used whenever possible to avoid shaky footage. 

    • All audio should be audible, clear, and free of background noise, breaks, dead air, hissing, etc. 

    • All lower thirds, titles, full screens, etc., must be checked for spelling, accuracy, and correct grammar. City Schools will return for editing any program content that contains mistakes or inaccuracies.

    • Lower third titles, full screens, any text, or images must not be below the bottom safe area line.

    Technical specifications: Run-length standards




    Public service announcement

    :05, :10, :15, :30,   or :60


    Feature story or music video

    3:00 to 7:00  

    Must end at an even time (i.e., 3:00, 3:30, 5:00, 5:30, etc.); please do not end at odd times (e.g., 3:02 or 5:18, etc.).


    14:59, 29:59, or 59:59

    Shows can be produced in segments with breaks in between. City Schools staff reserves the right to place commercials and PSAs periodically throughout any show-length production submitted for airing on Channel 77.

    If your program will only be submitted for web, then conforming to these length standards is not necessary.