Technology at Home

  • To be prepared for life after graduation, students must have the technology skills they need to be successful in today's world. That’s why teachers are using technology more often in the classroom and many students are doing class assignments and taking tests with computers.
    Using computers outside of school can help students complete assignments and build technology skills. City Schools is pleased to offer resources to help bring computers, the Internet, and software to your home at little or no cost.
    All Baltimore City Public Schools students have a unique Office 365 username and password that gives them access to:
    • A complete version of Microsoft Office for up to five computers (PCs or Macs) for as long as they attend a city school
    • Office 365, a cloud-based service that allows them to create, edit and share documents from ANY computer, tablet or mobile device.  
    And with Comcast's Internet Essentials, all City Schools families (since all families are now eligible for free lunch) can get discounted internet access and low-cost computers. 
    These opportunities can give our students resources to complete school assignments and projects, conduct research, and complete college and scholarship applications from home. And, with Internet access, parents and guardians can easily access grades, attendance information, and more online through Parent Portal.