Why Attendance Matters

  • When a student misses even one day of school, it means he or she is missing out on important learning opportunities.
    Every day at City Schools,
    pre-k and kindergarten students:
    abc learn a new word or sound
    learn a new math skill
    make new friends
    elementary students:
    measure learn a new word, math skill or science theory
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    become independent and responsible
    learn to work with others
    middle and high school students:
    science technology icon
    learn about a interesting new topic
    people connected icon
    connect with adults
    explore careers icon
    explore careers
    And because there's so much going on every day, we know that
    students who go to school every day:
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    do better on standardized tests
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    are more likely to be reading and writing on grade level
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    are more likely to graduate on time
    students who are chronically absent:
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     struggle with their school work
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     are more likely to be held back
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     are more likely to drop out