Developing Good Attendance Habits

  • Parents and guardians can help students develop habits that will make going to school every day a priority. Here are some ways you can encourage good attendance:
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    Make school part of your family's daily life.

    Set routines that your family sticks to every day and make sure the children in your family follow them. Have specific times for waking up, starting to do homework and going to bed. Check in with your child in the evening to ask about their day at school and to find out what they learned.
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    Keep in touch with your child's school.

    Maintain contact with your child's teachers to keep up with what's being taught in the classroom and to keep an eye on your child's progress; you can also check your child's attendance through Parent Portal. Be sure to let your child's school know when he or she needs to miss school. And, don't forget to update your contact information with your child's school if your phone number or address changes.
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    Have a back-up plan.

    Connect with other parents or members of your community so that you have a list of people you can reach out to for help (like a back-up for transportation) for days that things don't go according to plan (and you need help getting your child to or from school). 
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    Know your stuff. 

    Know your child's school's attendance policy and what's being taught in the classroom. And, find out when being sick is sick enough to stay home. 
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    Plan for the year. 

    Check the district's yearlong calendar and schedule family vacations, medical check-ups, dental visits and other appointments during school breaks or the weekend whenever possible. 
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    Work together.  

    Help your child with their homework to show them that you care about their performance. And, if he or she has to be absent from school, make sure to get a make-up packet from your child's teacher and complete the work together (or ask a family member or friend to help out).