Energy Conservation Program

  • To support City Schools' commitment to being responsible stewards of our environment and to ensure compliance with state and local legislation, staff in the district's Facility Maintenance and Operations department focus on energy conservation practices, natural resources preservation, and elimination of utility waste. Energy conservation efforts include several components:

    • Energy procurement
      City Schools buys energy and manages its cost by participating in a wholesale portfolio program, the Baltimore Regional Cooperative Purchasing Committee. The program has been highly successful in delivering lower costs on a consistent basis. City Schools is also in compliance with the Maryland requirements for renewable energy certificates.

    • Education and awareness
      City Schools is working to educate students, staff, and the community about the importance of energy conservation.

    • Retrofits and new construction
      City Schools is capturing rebates and grants available for school construction projects and coordinating with Baltimore Gas and Electric to install smart meters that ensure accurate readings and fewer billing errors.

    • Monitoring, reporting, and supporting
      City Schools is tracking current and historical utility consumption and costs for each school, and providing these data to school leaders.