Prequalification of Academic Programs (PQS)

  • Through the “prequalification selection” (PQS) process,City Schools develops a pool of qualified service providers to deliver high-quality programs to schools. These include professional development, academic interventions, student support, and after-school and summer programming.

    The goal of PQS is to support schools in selecting supplemental program services for students and staff, enabling schools to form collaborations and partnerships with organizations or individuals that provide these services. Based on an evaluation of responses to a PQS and the qualifications of the proposers, City Schools develops a list of approved service providers. Schools can select an approved service provider with the confidence and knowledge that they are investing in a high-quality, research-based program with demonstrated success.

    Unlike the district's traditional solicitation process, which limits approved providers to awarded suppliers for a three-year period, the PQS allows for ongoing qualification of new service providers.

    Proposal solicitation

    City Schools is seeking proposals from organizations and individuals to provide the following technical expertise and/or professional development for district office and school-based staff.  
    Solicitation No. Solicitation Name Buyer Pre-bid / Pre-proposal Meeting Bid Due (by 11 a.m.) Bid Opening Location (at 200 E. North Ave.)
    Appendix F – Cost Proposal