• recognize

    By recognizing students with good attendance, schools reinforce that strong attendance habits are valued within the community. Rewarding students for improved attendance demonstrates a school’s commitment to supporting and celebrating students who are working to develop better attendance habits.

    Try these interventions for recognizing good and improved attendance.

    Intervention Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Trips and activities: Connect already planned year-end trips or activities to attendance. X X  
    Breakfast and recess: Turn breakfast, lunch, or recess into an attendance celebration by providing a special treat, such as snacks or extra recess time. X X  
    Morning announcements: Acknowledge classrooms or students with perfect, good, and improved attendance during the school-wide morning announcements. X    
    Bulletin boards: Use school bulletin boards to highlight classrooms or students with perfect, good, and improved attendance. X  X  
    ParentLink: Use the ParentLink automated phone system to send positive and fun messages to families, congratulating students who have good attendance or are improving their attendance. X    
    PTA/ School Family Council: Ask your PTA or School Family Council to host an event or competition that focuses on attendance. X X  
    Community partners: Ask your community partners to sponsor an event at your school focused on attendance. X X  
    Network staff: Ask your network staff about allocating Title I funds to assist with planning parent recognition events focused on attendance. X X X
    Attendance visuals: Encourage staff to work in teams with students to create posters that highlight the importance of attendance. Posters can be hung throughout the school. Sponsor an unveiling and invite parents and district staff to view the posters throughout your building. X X  
    School newsletters: Include articles about attendance, what's being taught in school or highlighting recent attendance activities in your regular newsletters. Middle Alternative Program at Lombard dedicated their April newsletter to attendance - Principal Carmon and an educational associate wrote about the importance of coming to school every day and incentives the school offers. They also shared pictures of a recent trip to the National Aquarium for students with good attendance.   
    Grade-level or classroom attendance contests: Create friendly competition among classrooms or grades. Classes can compete for most improved attendance or highest attendance in a certain timeframe (such as the 4th quarter).  Or challenge classes to take a “classroom selfie,” and reward the classroom that has the most students present for its selfie. Watch a video about Lakeland Elementary School’s March Madness attendance competition. X X
    Staff competition: Create friendly competition among teachers. For example, teachers who submit attendance on time every day for three full weeks could win extra prep time.  X  
    Field day: Host a field day as an incentive to encourage perfect attendance. Sports and craft activities are a great way to excite students of all ages. X X X
    Period 1 fun: Make the first period of the day fun. Offer a special breakfast treat, host a morning dance for the first 10 minutes of class, and bring in a karaoke machine. This can also be used to encourage students to arrive at school on time.  X  X X
    Free play: Reward students with improved attendance free activity time as a special treat.  X  X X
    School-wide assemblies: Host grade-level assemblies that focus on attendance. Provide attendance awards and certificates to teachers and parents for their efforts to get students to school daily.  X X X
    Student tracking: Create student attendance trackers in classrooms that allow students to mark their attendance daily on a public display.  X  X X
    Awesome attenders: Reward students with good or improved attendance with special time with a school staff member of their choice. For example, winners could eat lunch with their favorite staffer.  X  X X